FITT Warehouse Atlanta GA

Adult Fitness Gym and Athletic Training Facility

There is only ONE Fitness, Strength, Conditioning and Athletic Performance Facility in the Atlanta Georgia area. FITT Warehouse Training Systems will help YOU TRAIN. PLAY. DOMINATE...



May 5, 2011

The Mission of this gym is to leave better than when you came in.  We want you to excel as an athlete regardless of the sport.  All athletes and serious trainees are welcome regardless of their background.  The only thing(s) that is required of all participants is the drive to improve and commit to self-excellence.  We want team members who are sick of settling of routines and mediocrity.  This gym and its atmosphere encourage athletes to improve and strive to be the best through good coaching and assisting one another.


We use many methods in laying the foundation as well as building stronger, leaner, safer, and more explosive athletes.  Body weight, medicine balls, sleds, hill sprints and more help us lay the foundation.  For our more experienced athlete we prefer to use means of “conjugated periodization.”  This means that we use the max effort method, dynamic effort method, and repeated effort method while rotating our primary exercises to elicit the greatest gains without inducing neural fatigue.  In addition to these methods we use kettle bells, sandbags, and strongman implementations. 

We are located in a 5,300 sq foot warehouse facility in Newnan GA.  Make no mistake, this gym is a blue collar, sweat poring free weight gym.  If you are not prepared to work hard then you cannot train here.

We don’t like lazy and inconsistent athletes.  Each athlete and team is expected to work hard and get better.  For those of you who are no longer feeling your “sports club” and your sick of the hard wood floors and AC and you desire a place where you can come in and chalk up your hands and drip sweat with each rep then FITT Warehouse Training Systems if for YOU!!!



FITT Warehouse Training Systems is located in Newnan, GA.

We’re a small warehouse gym hidden right next to a commercial gym not visible from the street (unless you see us flipping tires and dragging sleds near the edge of Werz Ind Drive!).

We aint pretty but we get it done!



April 1, 2012

ATTENTION athletes & weekend warriors!! It’s almost that time again and we challenge you to come compete and challenge yourself against some of the strongest high school, college, and weekend warrior athletes the southeast has to offer. Three years ago we started up a strongest man competition geared to excite competitive juices in all athletes and weekend warriors.  Little did we know that it would grow each year to something that this community and many others from all around the south east would come to expect.  We’ve learned alot over the last three strongman competitions and JUNE 9th, 2012 I promise and guarantee the BEST strongman competition yet.  Come out and join us for a great time and competitive event at FITT Warehouse Training Systems.

Details regarding events, scoring, judging, sponsorships, prize money, weight classes, etc