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January 17, 2010


FITT Warehouse Athlete Video Testimonial: Emily

Travis is an extremely dedicated and driven coach.  I admire how he is a student of the lifting game and has traveled the country to get in as many hardcore gyms with the best minds around as possible.  I would always trust my strength and fitness goals to someone like Travis who is a life long learner!

-Joe Hashey, CSCS, Owner & Head Trainer – Synergy Athletics, Endicott, New York


Travis, I don’t think this testimonial even comes close to expressing how thankful I am to you.

When I walked thru the doors of the FITT Warehouse a month ago I knew something was different.  Unlike my traditional gym I did not see any treadmills, weight machines, or high pressured sells people.  After my 1st session with Travis I knew his approach was like no other.  If there is one thing I’ve learned from him it would be working out is NOT just about lifting weights!  Each session is something new.  Who would have thought sandbags, ropes, and sled pushing could produce such results and be so much fun.  I’ve carried a mental picture of what I wanted to look like for 20 years and to look in the mirror and see that transforming is life altering.  I could not have come this far without the knowledge and enthusiastic commitment from Travis.  Not only have I found a great trainer but a friend as well!

-Dawn Borrelli


I would like to thank the FITT warehouse for the personal attention I have received.  Over the past year I have gained a much higher energy level and lost over 15 lbs of body fat while gaining muscle mass.  Travis has designed a personal program as he does with all clients that FITTs my personal goals and objectives.  I highly recommend his talents to all my friends and co workers.

-Gary Hyde

FITT Warehouse Athlete Video Testimonial: “D”

For years I have trained in gyms, been a runner and cyclist.  Eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle allows me to age with a quality life – I guess you could say “I’m going down fighting.”  However, I found myself in a workout rut and it was just January 2009 that I met Travis at FITT Warehouse.  After my first workout session with Travis I was so enlightened and found myself “biting at the bit” for another session.  The workouts with Travis are unlike what I had been used to and I am seeing significant results that I like due to the change that has come from Travis.  Travis’ approach keeps in mind and considers what everyday life might ask of you physically.  I never pushed myself with the weight and to the point of failure that Travis has asked of me – he has been my breakthrough and is my friend.  If you find yourself in a workout rut or are just someone serious about beginning to live a healthy lifestyle, then give FITT Warehouse the opportunity to help you – I’m so glad I did!

-Brenda Davis


It is hard to sum up in a few words or several words for that matter what FITT Warehouse and the staff at FITT Warehouse does for you.  I believe most people would say that they had a similar experience with it and it changed their lives drastically as well.  Not only does your quality of life improve through exercise but your entire outlook on your health changes.  I’ve had a history of being a chronic “crash dieter” since I was young and have always had a fluctuation in my weight because of it.

When I started personal training with Travis I assumed it would the same.  I would diet intensely eating foods I hated for a few months, lose a bunch of weight, and feel great about myself and what I had accomplished.  Then I would end up going back to my old ways and in a matter of a few months be back where I first started.  Boy was I wrong!  Travis and Mindy completely changed the way I think about exercise, food, and my health.  I’ve been working out at FITT Warehouse for 6 months now and my results have been amazing!  I still get to eat a lot of the foods I love and working out is become something that I look forward to.  The energy at FITT Warehouse is so encouraging and most importantly fun.  Don’t get me wrong the work outs are tough but I’ve never felt better because of it!  My health has improved immensely.  I’m sleeping better, my asthma has improved, and not to mention it has helped my mood!  I could go on for hours about the benefits of using FITT Warehouse but personally I think it is something you just have to experience firsthand!

-Ashley F.


I met Travis Self about fifteen years ago and have known him in a professional training capacity for two and a half.  One thing that stands out about Travis is that he absolutely loves what he does!  He is open minded to new ideas and is always looking for more ways to train.  Any amount of time and money spent with Travis at FITT Warehouse is going to be a good and wise investment.

-Joel Powell


I began going to FITT Warehouse in February 2008.  I had worked out in a gym setting with some friends showing me some different things to do but I was not in what I would call good shape.  I decided to start FITT Camp and really enjoyed it.  I saw tremendous gains with loss of weight, body fat, and just overall fitness.  I never felt better about myself.  I continued to go to FITT Camp through November 2008.  At FITT Camp I have never done the exact same workout two times in a row.  The trainers are always changing things up to challenge you in new ways.  I decided in December 2008 I needed something more personalized to push me even more.  I signed up for personal training beginning December 2008.  I have truly enjoyed the extra push and personalized program.  Mindy pushes me to do more than I ever thought I could.  She doesn’t just tell me to do something, but she makes sure I do it correctly.  I have learned not only about different things to do to workout but also about nutrition and better fitness overall.  I am in better shape than I have ever been in my entire life thanks to FITT Warehouse.

-Deborah Scruggs

FITT Warehouse Athlete Video Testimonial: GM

Travis has put together a facility and group of trainers that are truly unique.  I’ve been training with Travis for only 2 months, and the results are really beginning to show (would be much better if I would follow Travis’ nutrition guide more closely!).

A few things set FITT Warehouse apart from the others:

  1. These guys live, eat and breathe this stuff.  When they aren’t training clients, or training themselves, they are researching new ideas, new equipment, workouts, programs, nutrition, etc.
  2. You will never see the same workout twice.  A new challenge each visit.
  3. Every workout for every client is personally planned by Travis each Sunday for the coming week (did I mention these guys live, eat and breathe this stuff!).
  4. When you arrive…your workout is already laid out for you, timed to the minute, and results recorded.
  5. Travis is like Santa…he knows when you’re not going all out, so there’s no need for false grunting, etc… it doesn’t work…I’ve tried.
  6. This place is for people serious about getting results.  If your idea of getting fit is cruising on the elliptical twice a week while watching MTV… FITT Warehouse is not the place for you.

Regardless of your current physical condition, if you bring commitment and attitude, FITT Warehouse will deliver the results.  Get serious and go talk to Travis.

-Matt Ray, CFO Yokogawa


It’s hard to believe how much stronger I am only after 1 month of training at FITT Warehouse.  I really thought my weight training had reached its max.  I was working out 2 hours a day – 5 days a week in Group Fitness classes at another gym.  But I got better results from working out at FITT in 45 minute sessions, 3 days a week.  As a runner, my distance and speed has elevated drastically, my weights are getting heavier and heavier each week.
On top of improving my fitness level, I have also meet two wonderful people that have been such an inspiration, and great friends!  Thanks Travis and Mindy!!

-Dayna Dellaperuta


I have enjoyed being challenged by Travis and Mindy.  They go out of their way to provide excellent training for their clients.  They also seem to genuinely care about helping each client reach their goals, and work with each client to find the program that meets their needs and budget.  Working out with 1 or 2 others has allowed me to obtain excellent workouts at a very reasonable price.

-M. W. Jackson


I’m a Firefighter/EMT/Swat Medic and before coming to FITT Warehouse I had been working out 2-3 times a week at a commercial gym doing what I thought were pretty demanding workouts.  I had considered myself to be in fairly decent shape, but knew there was lots of room for improvement.  To complete my training and gain a permanent spot on the Swat Medic team I was going to have to go through a grueling week long Swat School.  The school was to include PT at least 3 times a day plus the physically demanding training during the day’s activities, most of which included being fully geared up with heavy bullet proof vests and various tools and weapons.  I contacted Travis at FITT and explained how I wanted to train so that not only would I complete the school but that I would be able to breeze through it with ease!  Travis guaranteed that he could get me to the level of fitness that I wanted to be at.

We started training and within a few short months I had dramatically improved my fitness!  The first workout ended with me having to sit down in a chair for a good 45 minutes before my color returned to normal and I felt like I could stand up and walk around without having to throw up!  But by the time Swat School started I had lost over 20 pounds of fat, and built plenty of muscle!  During Swat School I excelled at all the PT that was thrown my way, and by the end of the week when it was all said and done, I had every member of the Swat Team congratulating me and telling me how well I did and how impressed they were!  I can’t thank Travis enough for how he helped me!

Since Swat School I have continued to train at FITT Warehouse and have developed a love for training that I never had before!  I have also gained a few more awesome friends with Travis, Mindy and Joel at FITT Warehouse!  I would highly recommend FITT Warehouse for anyone looking to improve their physical as well as emotional health!

-Richard Teutsch

FITT Warehouse Athlete Video Testimonial: CD

I first met Travis as one of my patients when he was 16 years old.  He was recovering from a torn rotator cuff (1st of 3 surgeries) and I was amazed and so impressed with how determined he was during his recovery to not only get back on the field but return even better.

Fast forward 10 years and that same determination and drive has led him to become a well known strength coach and an even better person.  I would trust my strength and conditioning goals with Travis and FITT Warehouse Training Systems!!

-Peter R. Hughes, M.S.D.C./ATC/CSCS, Owner, Head Therapist of Stars Performance, LLC.


Over the past few months Travis and I have become good friends and rely on one another for strength training and coaching tips.  Trav (as I call him) is very driven and makes sure that he gets the best out of each of his athletes every training session.  He definitely has a way of working with all kids, sports, and needs.  When it comes to learning something new or simply getting answers to my questions I know of not a better coach.

-J. P. Weaver, Owner, Fundamentally Sound, LLC, J. V. Football & Varsity Track Coach Heritage Hawks


Travis came to me back in October 2005 to be pushed to the limits he hadn’t yet been to.  He told me he would like to compete in a natural body building contest and that he had just had his 3rd rotator surgery 5 months prior.  We both were faced with some incredible challenges.  Travis persevered and with the same hard work and dedication that led him to become a gym owner and respected strength coach, Travis won both the “novice” and “open” titles at the 2005 SNBF Bodybuilding Contest.  It’s that drive and passion that makes me refer my athletes to Travis and FITT Warehouse.

-LaDarren Tyler, Owner, Head Trainer of T&F Personal Training


FITT Warehouse Training Systems and Travis receive our highest recommendation.  Our daughters have developed a REAL presence on the field due to their increase in strength, acceleration, and movement mechanics.  Travis and his staff created an excellent game plan that gets results, builds self-esteem, and team unity!

-Patricia P., Parent

FITT Warehouse Athlete Video Testimonial: Howard

This gym is incredible!  Travis has a unique way of implementing and inspiring my son to do his best each and every training session!  He looks forward to getting to the gym as fast as he can even though he knows the punishment that waits.  Travis is someone you want your kid(s) learning from.

-Linda K., Parent


I can’t speak highly enough of FITT Warehouse and what it’s meant to have an atmosphere like this.  I will say that this is not your average gym or training session.

-Matt and Kelly R., Parents


FITT Warehouse is without question the best and most exciting training experience I’ve ever had!!!

-Bentley C., Collegiate Soccer Athlete


I was horse playing one day after our training session and punched Travis in the stomach just like they do in Rocky and it felt like punching a brick wall!!

-Dante R., Boxing Athlete


My son and I came to Travis and FITT Warehouse looking to improve strength and speed for baseball.  My son has been training in a group for almost 3 months and although in the heat of tournament ball, he has been able to improve strength, improve recovery, and gain the extra 1st step quickness that’s so important in sports.  My son is only a sophomore and it’s easy to see where he will be in 2 years under Travis and the FITT Warehouse Strength Program!

-Derek N. III, Parent


My daughter has been training at FITT Warehouse for 5 months now and to see her perform now versus 5 months ago is truly AMAZING!!  She has two times the strength and speed of her teammates and opponents.  Travis really encourages Brittany to keep striving to get better and never settle.  FITT Warehouse truly helps you “Train. Play. Dominate!” your opponents.

-Rich and Pam T., Parents


Since coming to FITT Warehouse I have improved on all of my major lifts: the box squat, deadlift, bench press, and military press.  Travis looked at my current training program, listened to my goals, tweaked my lifting technique and taught me the importance of supplemental lifts that helped make me an all around better, stronger, and safer lifter.  I can’t thank Travis enough.

-Andy C., Client/Student

***NOTE: We are NOT a public gym. Please call and make an appointment before coming to our facility. We do not allow unannounced visitors.***